Print technology

Print technology


Very attractive and perhaps the most popular printing method. A stamp is used to print lettering and designs on paper. Then, while the ink is still wet, special thermographic powder is applied. The ink is dried and hardened later during the heating process. Excess powder is removed from uninked areas. In the third stage of the process the product is exposed to temperatures of about 500 °C. The entire process results in raised structure - lettering or motif. 



Foil stamping

Printing method in which a metallic or pigment foil is applied to paper using a stamp at a temperature of about 130°C. This is a printing method that allows us to print gold lettering and designs in real shade of gold, which can be achieved neither by digital print nor by thermography or offset printing. Foil stamping is a printing process that results in stunning designs and wording, which shimmer beautifully on paper



Blind embossing

Using special stamps combined with high pressure, this printing method is used to create special raised structure. The design is transferred from stamps onto paper. Three dimensional or raised effect in selected areas is created. Embossing conveys a high quality textural contrast in relation to the surrounding area of the paper stock. Embossing is used to create a distinctive impression.


Combination emboss

Printing method combining embossing and foil stamping at the same time. It involves imprinting and aligning foil over an embossed image to create foil emboss. Refraction of light brings a flair of luxury. 



Digital print

Currently very popular method of printing, thanks to the wide range of options it provides. In digital printing toner powder is applied to paper and is consequently exposed to high temperatures. Fast printing process and printing of small quantities (from 1 piece) are big advantages of this printing method. Small quantity printing costs are low as no stamp is needed. 




Using cut technology, we can make various shapes of the product. Borders can be round, serrated, etc. For this cutting method a cutting form is used.



Digital cut

Laser cut technology allows us to create more intricate designs and shapes. With laser cut technology a cutting form is not necessary. 



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