Order conditions

Order conditions:

For all contracts, deliveries and services between Pamas and the customer, the following terms and conditions apply exclusively.
Delivery is possible in all countries.

Orderable quantity

The minimum number of wedding cards is 30 pieces - the same applies to the reordering. It is possible to order less than 30 pieces, but a surcharge will be required.
In the case of reordering less than 30 pieces will be charged a surcharge for the short run in the amount of $ 30.
You can also order the wedding cards without text (without inscription) - by contact / form. In this case, we do not expect the print preparation.
For the next text, possibly for photo also a surcharge of $ 30 will be charged.

Order expiration

Based on the order you have made, the graphic design of your wedding cards will be sent to you by e-mail within the next 3 days - this and two other changes¨ (eg font, text, font size, etc.) are free. For every further change we charge $ 10. Only after your confirmation by e-mail and payment will the wedding cards be forwarded to production for printing. If you discover a mistake only after your vote, a complaint can no longer be recognized.

Your order must be clearly legible. Please pay attention to uppercase and lowercase letters!
The text for the wedding cards, the customer can change according to his ideas.
The text can also be printed in color. The color for the text can be changed by the customer according to his ideas, in the pattern colors of our website (print colour).


The price of the wedding invitation consists of the basic flat rate of $ 50 and the price per piece according to the price category of the wedding invitation. The price of an envelope or an RSVP card is not included in the price of the invite.

Payment Terms:

If you are satisfy with the graphic design and you are interested in ordering wedding cards, you can pay by Paypal.

Delivery time:

Generally, printing and shipping an order takes 14 days from proof approval. A customer has the opportunity to request a shortened delivery time. In such a case, time for printing, completing and shipping the order is shortened from 14 to 10 days (7 business days). The shortened delivery time begins counting from the date the proof has been approved. A surcharge of 20% is charged for the shortened delivery time.


The wedding cards will be send to you by a DHL courier.


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