Font colour

When ordering your wedding invitations, you might decide to select font colour different from the one used in the sample picture in our online catalogue. Our company brings a variety of colour options to your attention. To help you chose the best one, we have divided them into three basic groups.

1. Digital print
Currently very popular method of printing, as it offers wide variety of options. Despite many fashion trends, S2 - brown is the most popular colour. This shade never fails; the invitation is always fine-tuned, giving elegant impression. However, there are other shades you can select from, for example gray, blue, green. All digital print colours are marked with S.

2. Foil stamp
This most frequently used printing technology allows us to print gold lettering in the real shade of gold, which can be achieved neither by digital print nor by thermography. You can find a preview of a wedding invitation with lettering stamped in gold foil here: wedding invitation D 0602

Foil stamp method results in a very elegant impression and brings a flair of luxury to your wedding invitation.
Apart from the most popular gold lettering, you can select from the following options: silver, steel, copper, burgundy, gray and brown /you can find them marked with F/

3. Thermography
This is perhaps the most popular method of printing of wedding invitations with irresistible eye-catching result. This method involves application of thermographic powder that is consequently exposed to high temperatures, resulting in raised lettering. Colour options can be found marked with T.

We aim to help our clients make their big day a memorable moment by bringing the most impressive designs of wedding invitations. All our invitations are throughly tested so that the best match can be found as for both the colour of lettering and the printing method. Special attention is paid to selection of paper with the best suitable theme and decorations. Our creative designers put a lot of effort in choosing the most beautiful variation of the invite. So, if you do not feel for experimenting when selecting your wedding invitation comes to question, we recommend that the default colour of lettering be used. We can assure you that you will be satisfied with this choice.


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