Return policy

Our company produces the highest quality products and the inspection is carried out in several stages. However, if a defect has occurred on our products, please follow the claim procedure:

We kindly ask you, if there are any damages or defects in the goods, to contact us immediately by email

Our staff will suggest the fastest possible solution in case of a legitimate claim. If you are not satisfied with the proposed solution, we recommend that you file your complaint in writing.

The subject of a complaint can not be a failure to comply with the terms and conditions set out in the order form. The same can not be the subject of a complaint that the customer has agreed in a correlational design (when ordering wedding announcements and other printed goods that have been sent to the customer for reconciliation).
Package is shipped to the customer for delivery.

Each lot must contain a tax document. In the case that the sum is not in the sum of the price proposal, the customer has the right to claim this fact.
The color of the notification that is visible on the web site may not agree with what is given by the individual monitor settings.
That is why we offer to send samples free.
If the claim is acknowledged, the customer is entitled to free production of a new order,
whereby the shipping costs associated with delivery are borne by the supplier or the original order can be canceled and the funds returned in full. In this case, you need to write a written complaint and send a complete reclaimed order to the address of the company.

WHAT can be returned?

Pamas wedding cards sells one of a kind personalized products. Therefore, only following products can be returned:
- Damaged products (if the invitations were damaged during production or shipping)
- Not as described products (if the invitation doesn't meet the order specification details)
- Incorrectly printed products (if the printed colors are significantly different then the source image colors)

WHEN do items need to be returned by?

No later than 30 days after purchase.

HOW do customers return items?

Contact us via email or by phone to obtain a RETURN AUTHORIZATION. You may be asked to provide some evidence, like photographs of received product.


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