What is a stamp and why is a fee charged for it?

This is a flat charge that you will encounter in every printing house. It includes graphical preview, printing machine settings, production of stamp.

What is the minimum quantity for placing an order for wedding invitations?

The minimum quantity for placing an order for wedding invitations is 30 pieces.

Do you make wedding invitations in foreign languages? If so, what is the minimum quantity for placing an order?

Yes, we make wedding invitations in foreign languages. If you wish to have your invites printed in a foreign language, it is necessary to send all the details including detailed lettering by e-mail to: weddingcards@pamas-cards.com. We have to add all special characters and symbols, that are not used in English alphabet, manually (apostrophes, carets, etc.). We can print almost any language.

Do you send proofs for approval?

Once you make your order online, an electron proof will be sent to you for appproval via e-mail automatically. With orders delivered by regular mail, electron proofs are sent for approval only if this requirement is shown in the order. 
Design of the proof and two adjustments (change of font, wording, font size, etc.) are included in the price of the wedding invitation. A fee of $10.-  is charged for every additional adjustment. 

What is proofing process?

Once your order is received, it will be directed to one of our designers. An initial proof based on your input wording, selected font styles and colors will be created. Once your proof is ready, it will be sent to you by e-mail for your review. It is necessary to review both graphical and grammar aspect. This gives you an opportunity to control carefully all the wording and make adjustments if necessary.
Check your electron proofs very carefully. Once the proof is approved it will be printed exactly as shown. Mistakes in wording claimed after the proof has been approved, will not be accepted. 

How long does it take before my order is shipped?

Once your order is received, it will be directed to one of our designers. An initial proof based on your input wording, selected font styles and colours will be created. Proofs take up to 3 business days to be designed and sent to you via e-mail for your review (proof is sent as pdf file). Once the proof is approved the process of printing starts. All printing usually takes 14 days (printing and assembling). All orders are shipped by a courier service and it may take additional 3 days to be delivered to the submitted address. Delivery service is fully trackable.

Is it possible to have additional invitations printed later?

Yes, Minimum quantity for additional orders is 30 pieces.

Ho do I calculate the total price of my order?

You can use our online price calculator or you will see the total price after fillling out our online order form in step 3, together with review of all the order information.

Is it possible to change paper, colour or image?

We produce wedding invitations just according to our catalogue samples. Changes of dimensions, colour of paper, embossing form and/or image is not possible. However, you can change wording, font colour and/or font. When changing font colour, it is necessary to select from our colour chart.

Do you send samples or hard copy proofs?

If it is difficult for you to choose one particular type of wedding invitation, we offer you an option to order 2 pieces of free samples. We will send you our default samples. This service is a perfect tool that will give you an opportunity to evaluate closely the quality of paper, design and printing of the particular type of the invite. It is not possible to personalize free samples with your own wording (names, wording, address).

Is it possible to make wedding invitations based on my own design?

No. As the production process is a complex and time-demanding process, we produce wedding invitations only based on our up-to-date product range. 

Is it possible to suspend or cancel an order?

Your order may be cancelled until the final proof is approved. Before final approval, your order is not binding and you can suspend or cancel it free of charge. Once approved for printing, your wedding stationary will be printed exactly as shown on the final proof and here the relationship between a buyer and a supplier begins resulting in obligations for both the buyer and the supplier.  After the order is printed with your personal details, we will not be able to sell these products to anybody else.


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