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Pamas has been in the market of wedding invitations and wedding and corporate stationary for more than 20 years. Our company was founded in 1994. Since the beginning we have been providing professional services in photography, production of wedding invitations, New Year cards and photo-books. Within the years of our work in printing industry we have always put heart into our work and delivered flawless products to our customers

We often participate in wedding exhibitions in Zurich, Budapest, Prague, Stuttgart, Munich and Vienna, where we present our latest collections and introduce new trends in wedding invitations.

We aim to satisfy even the most demanding customers therefore we continually implement new printing technologies on our production process. Every year we take part in trainings and exhibitions where we deal directly with our end customers. In this way we can adjust our designs and production to customers' requirements and current demand.

Our company has been awarded many prestigious awards in the area of wedding invitations production thanks to our precise and creative design as well as sophisticated printing process that is entirely performed in house. We would like to mention especially Gold Seal Award, which is a great motivation for our further work.


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